Byblos vegetable garden

Agroecological garden in permaculture

Hotel Byblos Saint-Tropez and “Le jardin de la Piboule” are delighted to introduce Byblos’ vegetable garden.

This 300 m² agroecological garden in permaculture will be the first of its kind within a hotel with a Palace distinction in Saint-Tropez.

The products will be for hotel guests, as well as sold in the hotel’s delicatessen, “l’Epicerie by Byblos”.

Byblos honey, 100% natural and artisanal

A 100% natural and artisanal “all-flower” honey from the beehives of our agro-ecological vegetable garden. It is offered every morning at breakfast at the Byblos hotel.

Available for sale : 125gr or 500gr jars (depending on the annual harvest).