Holistic experiences


Each precious moment orchestrated by us is devoted to you.

Our top priority is to understand you and closely consider your expectations and wishes, here and now, to create a bespoke experience that combines a feeling of elevation with the sense of just letting go, to help you achieve a wonderful inner harmony.

Achieving harmony of spirit is the finest way to feel radiant. Our extensive, innovative and meaningful range of holistic treatments, tailored to meet your individual needs, will accompany you on this pathway.

Our holistic menu 2024 events calendar


These retreat experiences have been devised as an invitation to embark on the most wonderful journey from your head to your heart. These personalized day-long retreats can be tailored as you wish.

Each Epic Journey is linked to an element, infusing these moments with an energy and dynamism that support you in your quest to sincerely and genuinely reconnect with yourself.

We strongly recommend you experience the “Eaux Rêvées” water journey, with its Turkish baths, sauna and waterfalls, to put you completely at ease and aid introspection during these precious moments. A sunbed is also reserved for you on the Olivier terrace throughout the day.

Your day is enhanced with a menu of culinary creations devised by the Byblos chef, prepared with produce from our vegetable garden.

Our holistic menu 2024 EVENTS CALENDAR


These immersive experiences, offered on various dates throughout the season, are invitations to discover certain powerful, transformative practices or to explore them in greater depth.

A luminary will be your guide on the sublimation of spirit.

Reiki, re-establish your inner energy balance as a whole
Gaëlle and her power to restore balance.

Dates for these precious moments:

May: Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th & Monday 13th.
June: Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th & Monday 17th.
September: Friday 6th, Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th & Monday 9th.

“Spiritus Breathwork” and “Somatic Healing”, a journey where your breathing sets the pace
Nana and her benevolent power.

Dates for these precious moments:

July: Thursday 11th & Friday 12th.
May: Thursday 30th & Friday 31st.
August: Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd.
June: Thursday 20th & Friday 21st.
September: Thursday 12th & Friday 13th.

Osteothai, a soothing revival of mind and body through movement.
Marion and her world where harmony is restored.

Dates for these precious moments:

July: Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th.
May: Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th.
August: Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th.
June: Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th.
September: Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th.

Our holistic menu Events calendar 2024