Byblos holistic experiences


These treatments help you to rebalance and reconnect with your inner self, through an experience combining yoga postures, relaxation, meditation and self-awareness.

A programme with five options adapted to the rhythm and energy of each guest, whether you are laid-back or energetic, festive or relaxed.

– Morning: gentle and energising movements or invigorating and dynamic exercises, depending on your energy levels.

– Evening: a variety of exercises to relax the body and mind and prepare for an evening of relaxation or celebration.

Inner harmony treatments are available as individual sessions or group sessions (with friends, as a couple, or with family).

These treatments are provided by experts in their fields.

Sessions last 60 minutes but can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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Personalised wellness retreats

The Byblos “Epic journeys” experiences are in the form of one-day personalised and individual wellness retreats that will bring you back to the essential and help you find sincerity and authenticity.

Five “Epic journeys” experiences have been created inviting you on an incredible journey from the head to the heart.

An expert will help you to identify your specific needs and will propose the “Epic journeys” experience the most suited to what you are looking for.

Each “Epic journeys” experience is linked to an element (water, earth, fire, air, ether) and a specific energy inspired by the Greek gods of ancient mythology.

Each retreat is enhanced with a gluten-free, vegetarian menu created specifically for each programme.

These culinary creations have been designed by the Byblos’s executive chef using fresh ingredients from the hotel’s own kitchen garden.

Each “Epic journeys” experience includes:

– One 60-minute inner harmony treatment
– One 60-minute “Byblos” signature massage
– One gluten-free and vegetarian lunch
– One holistic treatment (tailored to the chosen “Epic journeys” experience)

Booking required 48 hours in advance.

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Immersive weekend workshops

Inspired by a constellation of stars, the Byblos “Constellation” weekends are made up of a series of workshops centred on a specific theme.

Organised over three days, from Friday to Sunday, the “Constellations” weekends invite you to discover or further, on group or individual sessions, to explore powerful and transformative practices.

The “Constellations” take place between July and beginning of September with booking required.

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The “Inner Journey” experience

Offer for 2 nights, for 2 persons, valid from April 10 to June 7 and from September 10 to October 15.
On request and according to availability. Excluding holiday weekends.

– Accommodation for 2 people
– Buffet breakfast each morning
– 1 one-hour massage per person at the Sisley Spa
– 1 one-hour personal training session per person
– 1 one-hour inner harmony treatment per person
– 1 “healthy” lunch for 2 people

Price Low season:
Double deluxe room: €2,010 for 2 nights
Junior suite: €2,420 for 2 nights

Price Middle season:
Double deluxe room: €2,514 for 2 nights
Junior suite: €3,114 for 2 nights

33 (0)4 94 56 68 12

Marion M’Santi

Consultant coach, the Byblos’s expert in personal development.

Marion discovered yoga through breathing techniques. From a very young age, Marion travelled her life’s path, drawing on experiences from which she has learnt powerful lessons, including harnessing the power of resilience and sincere self-love.

Passionate about the human psyche, she travelled for more than 10 years through Amerindian and Indian lands to draw inspiration from ancestral wisdom with master yogis and shamans.

Always eager to learn, our expert constantly follows training from recognised specialists such as Thomas d’Ansembourg (cnv), David Lefrancois (coach specialising in neuroscience) and Mantak Chia (Chinese energy).

Using what she has learnt and continues to learn, she has developed her coaching method based on a symbiosis of the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

She uses coaching and shamanism techniques to help you reconnect to your consciousness and discover your potential through enlightenment.