Rivea at Byblos

A Riviera spirit, signed Alain Ducasse

Rivea at Byblos engraves forever the pleasure of simple and healthy products, stemming from the French
and Italian Riviera. A repertory of essential savors that have traveled from the Provence to the country
of Nice, from Liguria to the Piedmont region, including the Principality of Monaco.

An intriguing and exacting table, light and generous, where one comes to savor and nibble, because sharing
entails drawing at the source of harmony, living the southern experience instantaneously, taking the time to dream.

Very close to the famous Place des Lices, with a gentle lifestyle as only heritage, each moment is exclusive.

In 2014, the Rivea restaurant was admitted to the Culinary College of France, created at the initiative
of Alain Ducasse and Joël Robuchon, in order to promote products of excellence and the work of exacting producers.

Advance Booking Advisable Rivea at the Byblos : +33 (0)4 94 56 68 20


Infinitely Byblos…

Rivea at Byblos Saint-Tropez signs another facet of this gourmet and inspired Mediterranean spirit.

Living memory of a Riviera turned towards the sea and the morning dew, this bountiful and generous nature
invites itself early to market, and expresses itself with talent under the helm of our Chef & his teams.

« A concept that adapts to the idea of a transversal cuisine,
open onto the culinary cultures of the Riviera » – Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel.

Conceived by the architectural cabinet of Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel Partners,
the restaurant layout (seating 200 guests on the terrace and 80 in the dining room)
replaces the decoration of Rivea at Byblos at the heart of a maritime and sun-filled Provence
with a game of inside-outside visual continuity cadenced by the open kitchen.

The restaurant is open every evening from April 26th to October 14th, 2018. On weekdays, from 8pm to 11:30pm.
Fridays and Saturdays, as well as every evening during July and August, from 8pm to 12:30am.

Rivea at Byblos Saint-Tropez, 27 avenue Foch 83990 Saint-Tropez
Reservations suggested at: +33 (0)4 94 56 68 20