L’Epicerie by Byblos

L'Epicerie by Byblos

“L’Épicerie by Byblos” is our very own delicatessen, showcasing a range of exceptional products selected or prepared by the chef of the Byblos, Vincent Maillard.

Here you can find some of the Chef’s favourite produce: olive oils (Moulin du haut Jasson), special vintage wines and champagnes (Domaine Ott, Dom Pérignon),
the Ortiz range of products, Lebanese specialities and the culinary creations of Vincent Maillard himself and pastry chef Stéphane Marin, not forgetting splendid olive wood kitchen utensils and accessories from Maison Dubosq.

4 product families

For your get-togethers with friends or day trips out to sea, Vincent Maillard has assembled 4 product families:

FRESH fOOD: hummus, moutabal, tapenade, stuffed vegetables, tarte tropézienne, zuccotto…
SWEET TREATS: marshmallows, meringues, shortbread, “rose des sables”… (all home-made)
ARTICLES: olive wood items, books, aprons, mortars…
BEVERAGES: champagne, gin olives, apple juice…

Byblos branded produce

Byblos olive oil (15cl = 10€ / 25cl = 25€)
Byblos rosé wine by Ott (bottle exclusively designed for Le Byblos): 85€